2004 > Opening of Folk at Gaboto & Buenos Aires, Rosario.
Folk “School of English & Art” is an educational place where all the children, teenagers and adults WORK, ENJOY AND LEARN. It is at the same time, an area that is created out of "People" - as one of the meanings of “FOLK” suggests - from our neighbourhood and our city.
Folk is born in 2004 and holds as its educational trenet  “the  indissoluble link  that exists between the pupil and the enjoyment that learning implies”. There are two main objectives combining in our teaching practice:
• the development of knowledge in any of the areas students choose to learn: English, Portuguese or Art.
• the complete development of the person as a member of society.

The history of our school leads us to remember some ideas that underlie its creation … WHY ENGLISH AND ART?
Because both English and Art constitute themselves through processes that help people to build up new meanings. Because both contribute to develop new competences: linguistic and creative. Because both are used to discover and look for answers: using the word or using image and colour. Because we believe that the word by itself and as an only way of communication cannot and will not be able to build a new world. .
2007 > Moving to a bigger premises.
2010 > Construction and opening of own building.
2011 > Digital classroom with interactive whiteboard.
How does Folk incorporate these new technologies into the classroom?
There is a special classroom at FOLK equipped with an interactive digital board (IDB) which is used by the different groups taking into consideration the design of the lessons.

An INTERACTIVE DIGITAL BOARD (IDB), is a large interactive display that connects to a computer aid to a projector. The projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface where users control the computer using a digital pen. The IDB together with the use of the digital pen emulates both mouse and keyboard, so any handwritten notes created on the projection can be stored, printed or emailed, even exported to different formats. This is what gives us Interactivity with the image and what differentiates this board with a regular digital board.

What do we mean by “Multimedia”?
Multimedia is the blending together of more than one medium - such as text, graphics, sound, movies, smell-o-vision, - on your computer.

Some classroom uses of the IDB:
  • - It helps teachers to project web pages or digitalized material containing images, graphics, virtual animations, games, tales, etc.
  • - It helps to present activities to cater for different learning needs.
  • - It encourages cooperative work: a) presentations and group research, b) pair edition of written work, c) group discussion about personal production or other pupils´ productions, d) collective production of written pieces –reports/ narrations.
  • - It allows to fast access to news, on-line conferences as Wi-Fi access is advisable.
  • - It helps to create collective productions of exercises and games using on-line support or special software.
  • - It lets students do immediate research on specific topics as the class is delivered.
  • - It allows the teacher to keep notes and annotations as an electronic file for later distribution either on paper or through a number of electronic formats for pupils to reread or produce something new.

  • What does it mean for the pupils, the teachers and the school?
    It means learning how to use the new digital tools at a time when ignorance may put us at a disadvantage. At the same time, considering FOLK a place for teaching and learning, the use of innovative pedagogy puts ourselves at the forefront of the implementation and use of digital classrooms .
    2012 > Speaking another language: Portuguese
    The permanent seek for innovations leads us – in 2012 - to the implementation of Portuguese as a new language . FOLK then becomes the first institute in the city of Rosario to provide Portuguese teaching services to all ages as from 8 years old .

    Considering the political-commercial relations that have evolved between Argentina and Brazil since the establishment of MERCORSUR , the knowledge of this language does not only have an instrumental value which can be appreciated by adults mainly , due to their jobs, or which will be valued at the moment of travelling to our neighbour country (at any age) , but it will also provide a knowledge of a different culture , promoting a better understanding of the differences.
    Folk Multiespacio de aprendizaje - Ingles - Arte - Portugués
    Buenos Aires 2915 P.A. - Rosario
    Tel: (0341) 4853359 - Cel: 155-610607
    E-mail: contacto@folkmultiespacio.com.ar
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